What is the impact of using Design Thinking?

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Design Thinking PresentationThe impact appears in the operation and performance of the organization, the employees as well as the partner and customer ecosystem. 

There are multiple advantages:

  • Help participants to learn and/or relearn to work in teams simply, rapidly and efficiently.
  • Introduce the concept of fun and ludic in serious working contexts and rend them pleasant
  • Raise the awareness of collaborators to the wealth of multidisciplinary teamwork and its importance
  • Establish dialog between the different entities and businesses in order to optimize the organization’s operation
  • Position the end-user at the center of interest to solution developers and problem resolution
  • Make working environment more fun by systematically introducing conviviality and friendliness
  • Engage stakeholders in solution design and carry the workload together
  • Address complex business issues easily and in a short time
  • Transform theoretical training sessions into ludic interactive sessions
  • Push participants to rapidly get into the user’s context and take an empathic posture to better understand his needs
  • Adopt a permanent approach to “Learning By Doing”

Extract from an interview with Mrs. Rajae SEGHIR conducted in the scope of a Professional Thesis entitled “Design Thinking contribution to solve organizational problems

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