Novalist Thinking

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Apply Design Thinking to create, develop and innovate

For your own business or for that of your customers


Companies are increasingly practicing Design Thinking to address their customers’ needs as well their own internal organization and processes. 

This approach makes it possible to design a better user experience and the solutions designed are more efficient, more optimized and better adapted to their users’ expectations.


Novalist Thinking provides workshops to enable its customers to succeed theses transformations with its Design Thinking based workshops.

Customers often choose to consult as well as to be trained and coached  all along their own workshops.

Le Design Thinking

Novalist Thinking added value:

Novalist Thinking engagement:

  • Rely on business experts to design workshops
  • Call for certified coaches to deliver workshops
  • Integrate human and organization’s culture in its approach

The stages of the Design Thinking methodology

Comprendre le design thinking

1 Understand

Building a team with a common comprehension of the challenge

Observation du design thinking

2 Observe

Discover user vision of the challenge

Point-de-Vue du design thinking

3 Synthesis/Point Of View

Compare both and make a synthesis and a point of view

Ideation du design thinking

4 Ideation

Generate the maximum number of ideas addressing the challenge in a new and innovative way

Prototype du design thinking

5 Prototype

Giving life to those ideas and creating a practical and simple prototype, transmitting the ideas to users

Test du design thinking

6 Test

Asking the users to test the prototype and including their comments till the maturity of the prototype

Process du Design Thinking
coached workshops across the world
prototypes built during the workshops
participants in the coached workshops
post-its used in the coached workshops