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In an accelerated economical transformation world, organizations face more and more challenges for growth, innovation and reorganization. To address these challenges, they often revert to “off-the-shelf” solutions and services which are usually unfit for their needs.

No matter how much  experience their regular consultants bring, it is not sufficient anymore to take advantage of the rich skills and Multiview projects bring like new solutions, adapted for their business and differentiating from competition.

Novalist Thinking offers a teamwork approach based on Collaborative Intelligence to find solutions and help organizations in their development and transformation journeys. Thanks to Collaborative Intelligence and to a close team coaching of experts and the whole organization ecosystem, it is possible to find relevant, rapid and efficient solutions to the various challenges facing todays’ organizations.

Imagine an organization that calls for its own employees, business partners and even customers to target its business challenges. An amazing wealth of interactions on toped by an advised vision of a business expert of that specific domain. 

Imagine they jointly effort to understand the challenge, question the stakeholders, visualize the solution prototype then test it; all this in a few days and with a reasonable budget  consistent with the organizations’ resources.

This is not utopia but simply Design Thinking; a robust Collaborative Intelligence methodology that existed for more than 20 years and widely used to jointly design, build and create tailor-made solutions for various business domains.

Using the Design Thinking approach begins by is engaging all stakeholders of a project with a practical standpoint and cost-effective method of “Learning By Doing” and roadmap drawing.

Novalist Thinking added value:

Novalist Thinking engagement:

  • Rely on business experts to design workshops
  • Call for certified coaches to deliver workshops
  • Integrate human and organization’s culture in its approach


Novalist Thinking offers turn-key support services to Project Managers. Our role is to orchestrate the stakeholders teamwork and coach them in order to build a prototype of the final solution. Our services are delivered in project mode.

The prototype will be built and tested mutually by all participants... Read more

Novalist Thinking offers Design Thinking methodology training that enables participants to understand and adopt its best practices in their everyday work. This training is delivered in class mode, but certain sessions could take place on remotely or mixed (blended) mode depending on the organizations’ needs… Read more

Novalist Thinking offers its skills for coaching services for Design Thinking workshops created and hosted by third-party. Coaching services are delivered on-site, on-remote and/or mixed (Blended) modes, according to the needs… Read more

Our creative process

1 Understand

Building a team with a common comprehension of the challenge

2 Observe

Discover user vision of the challenge

3 Synthesis/Point Of View

Compare both and make a synthesis and a point of view

4 Ideation

Generate the maximum number of ideas addressing the challenge in a new and innovative way

5 Prototype

Giving life to those ideas and creating a practical and simple prototype, transmitting the ideas to users

6 Test

Asking the users to test the prototype and including their comments till the maturity of the prototype

coached workshops across the world
prototypes built during the workshops
participants in the coached workshops
post-its used in the coached workshops