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It is a mindset and a culture coming from the world of Design and adapted to the world of organizations. All business sectors, industry, services, transport, education, social, environmental can take advantage from it. Its pragmatic side destinates it to all usage types and enables to address solution design and problems solving

It can be used to address an existing issue, a business challenge, develop innovation, create a solution based on the experience and know-how of a company or an organization, its partners and its customers.

Design Thinking helps federating teams, create a common spirit, motivate users, get out employees from their comfort zone and open their vision to new approaches in order to target internal and external enterprise challenges.

In an ideal case a Design Thinking workshop should take place on several sessions where a multidisciplinary team of the organization’s employees is gathered. According to the target, customers and partners can contribute building all together a comprehension and a user vision of the addressed challenge in order to create a prototype of the solution with minimal costs.

Companies, organizations, markets and regulations evolve rapidly and become more and more complex. Needs to execute faster, simpler, with reduced costs became difficult and often impossible to realize. The classical approaches are reaching their limits and it is necessary to find a adaptive/flexible/human method  to think/do/realize/innovate.

It depends on the company or organization’s existing structure, working method and team spirit. It is generally faster if employees are already shaped for working together without silos.

Design Thinking is built on empathy for users, knowledge share with each employee and the overall ecosystem of the company or organization. The target is to create a solution that is economically viable, technically feasible and humanly desirable.