Design Thinking and Transformation

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In transformation era organizations have to adapt while respecting multiple constraints at the same time, economical, technical, sanitary, sustainable and before all human.

We often saw organizations in the past copying their old infrastructures, rules and processes from manual to digital which produced a shift rather than a transformation.

No real transformation or innovation can happen if it does not start in our minds, our vision and our posture; if it does not start by transforming people.

More than ever, we need to help people see differently, work jointly and learn rapidly and that where comes #DesignThinking.

For more than 20 years #DesignThinking has appeared as a transformation mindset, approach and tool for organizations and people.

Started at IDEO-U, HPI of Design Stanford (, it spread over continents and among organizations such as BSH, Deutsche Telecom and others producing a rupture in the way they work and interact with people.

With ambitious training programs to train their employees, partners and customers, they captured the Design Thinking mindset, approach and posture and now face their every day’s business challenges differently and efficiently.

Every business who really wants to transform should start firstly with its people rather that it’s IT environment; with its organization rather that with its product.

Planning a transformation has to start by putting humans in the center and redesigning everything around their experiences.

And to succeed; business have to support their people and whole ecosystem through an adapted #DesignThinking training journey.

Novalist Thinking builds and delivers personalized training journeys with faster learning curves that would make people operational at their end.

This page is intended to relay Novalist Thinking’s activities, experiences and successes in order to build a community of people ready to help this transformation happen.

Learn more about Novalist Thinking and link with us here.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” Albert Einstein


Passionate about Design Thinking and certified from the D-School – Hasso-Plattner Institute at Potsdam (Germany), I founded Novalist Thinking to help customers design innovative solutions for their markets through Empathy & Team working.

Karim NAFIE,
Trainer, Coach & Design Thinker.

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