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Novalist Thinking offers turn-key support services to Project Managers/ Project Directors in project mode. The target is to design a tailor-made system of Collaborative Intelligence composed of the following steps:

• Understand and analyze the needs

• Creation of the project team

• Design and organize the workshops

• Rendering the results

The role of Novalist Thinking is to orchestrate the stakeholders’ teamwork and coach them in order to build a prototype of the final solution. The prototype will be built and tested mutually by participants. It will bring up a solid and approved foundation on which business experts will build the final operational solution with their project management methodologies (Agile, Lean Management, Blue Ocean, …..), see the Gartner report 25 Juin 2019.

Novalist Thinking Consulting Services are thus a part of the project landscape and complementary for the experts’ work. They will enable to engage users at the early phase, significantly reduce the gap between the needed & realized and drastically shrink the waste in human, time and financial resources.

Novalist Thinking developed a set of consulting services with business experts in different business domains such as :

  • Enterprise Development (Lean Startup & Lean Business Model Canvas),

(Create & Update a Lean Business Model Canvas in a post-crisis or Growth context, Simplify and Optimize organization’s processes)

  • Product and Service Development (R & D),

(Design a new product/service)

  • Innovation Marketing and Brand Communication (MARCOM),

(Imagine innovation and differentiation axes of an offer, Design the brand platform)

  • Customer and User experience Design (CX/UX/UI),

(Analyze and transform the customer experience, Design a relational signature, Design a user digital journey)

  • Human Resources and collaborator experience (HR/UX),

(Optimize training via digitalization, Engage collaborators through OnBoarding)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),

(Design a Corporate Social Responsibility plan)

  • Change Management (CM),

(Plan the integration is a reorganization/merger/acquisition context)

  • Information System & Technology (IS/IT),

(Identify the Key Performance Indicators of a project)